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chat random Classic

chat random Classic, the first chat random

We can not count the number of people post on forums seeking the truth or rather the first chat random having existed. This roulet cat, also called the chat random classic was the first to be launched, thanks to this wonderful cat that started it all. Now a little old and require registration to connect to it, it chat random quickly became too restrictive for buffs encounter via webcam. Although we believe this is the best chat random today it remains a reference as it is the one who launched the concept.

Many other open source projects like Camrumble were born of this wonderful and incredible idea to make possible the meeting with webcam between two completely unknown people.

The essentials of this wonderful chat random options

The advantage of this superb chat random is first that it offers really nice options and out of common. For example, once registered and logged in, you can draw with your partner or even play mini games. For the rest, it remains the same system as other chat random, whenever you want to change partners simply click on the "Next" button. International and well-known once he is and will always be the historical reference of chat randoms.

Today the cam to cam enthusiasts are tired of having to register on sites to hope to meet, so Camrumble decided on all chat random not to seek registration. And yes, we leave at Camrumble standard and quick to please our users!